How To Get Started

I have been working online for almost 12 years now.

The beginning was difficult. Not because of the job or the learning, more about the information overload that I had to come over.

Everyday I would plan something new and looking for the magic button to get me started.

Realization that there is no magic button and that Internet Marketing is also a normal job was the first step forward.

Today I work full time from my home office. Things are more settled and I enjoy what I do. There are still lot of distractions, our line of work is everyday growing and new ideas pop up from every direction. So to FOCUS and move with your work is the challenge.

I put together my course ” How To Get Started Working From Home” and learning to do simple tasks like putting up Fiverr gigs to make extra income online now.

You can send me a message to get started or wait for the course to be sold online by the end of this month.

Hope you are doing well and good luck with all


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